QUICKSURFACE Free Form Tutorials

Learn how to use QUICKSURFACE by watching the tutorials.

We highly recommend to watch them one by one in the order they are listed, but you can come back at any time and watch specific one when needed.

Sample Files
 If you don't have your own STL files, you can use our parts and try to reconstruct yourself. Download by clicking on the Download link. (Please, read carefully the disclaimer before downloading)
DISCLAIMER: You can use the sample files only for training purposes while learning QUICKSURFACE. You cannot redistribute the files or use them for anything else.

Aerosol knob (mechanical free form surface) STL Download
Bust (suitable for autosurface) STL Download

1. Getting Started

Learn how to start the software and make your first conversion from STL file into CAD solid.

(approximately 6 minutes)

2. Mesh Selection

Learn how to use brush tools to select areas of interest on the reference mesh for the purposes of creating basic primitives, 2D sketching or hiding area of the mesh which is not of interest

(approximately 10 minutes)

Sample file: Basic part STL Download

3. Free Form Basics

Learn the basics of quad surface, how to manipulate the surface and main options.

(approximately 15 minutes)

Sample file: Aerosol knob STL Download

4. Free Form modelling - Snap Mode

Learn how to use quad surface to build free form surfaces.

(approximately 17 minutes)

Sample file: Aerosol knob STL Download

5. Free Form modelling - Snap Mode Options

Snapping mode can be controlled for situations where more complex cases have to be solved. With optional type of how the snapping works, the user can get better results. Learn why and when to use these options

(approximately 5 minutes)

6. Free Form - Crease edges

Learn more about creating sharp edges in free form modelling.

(approximately 3 minutes)

7. Free Form - Wrap Surface

Learn more what is Wrap Surface command.

(approximately 3 minutes)

8. Free Form - Isolate / Hide / Show

Learn how to hide areas in quad surface which are not of interest at the moment of editing.

(approximately 3 minutes)

9. Automatic Surfacing

Learn how to convert organic free form surface into CAD model with hit of a button

(approximately 20 minutes)

10. Merge Quad Surfaces

Learn how to merge quad surface into single entity if there are multiple quad surfaces created

(approximately 2 minutes)

11. Fit Surface

Learn how to create a smooth surface which approximates the reference mesh.

(approximately 5 minutes)

12. Slicing free form

Learn how to make closed solid suitable for CAM software

(approximately 6 minutes)