3D reverse engineering for Autodesk® Inventor®

If you want to create professional models with fully parametric tree and use them in Inventor® - QUICKSURFACE is the right tool for you.
mesh2surface 3d software for reverse engineering

- Import your scan data in QUICKSURFACE Full.
- Use the simple tools to create your model from 3d scan.
- When ready, simply press the button on the main toolbar and the whole parametric model will appear in Autodesk® Inventor® without any user interaction.
- All the features created in QUICKSURFACE will be reconstructed directly in Autodesk® Inventor® where they can be further edited.

Click on the video to see how it works


Developed by experts in 3D Scanning and data processing
Fast and efficient algorithms
Simplified interface for ease of use
Extensive learning tutorials
State of the art features
Reduce drastically the reverse engineering time thus saving money and efforts.


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Autodesk® and Inventor® are trademarks of Autodesk, Inc. QUICKSURFACE is an independent product developed by KVS Ltd.