WEBINAR – 3D Reverse Engineering in SOLIDWORKS with Mesh2Surface Add-in

Mesh2surface - 3d Reverse engineering software

Wednesday, 23th June 2021
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM UK Time

Have you tried to use scan data in a CAD system? You probably notice that not much can be done with the imported meshes. Even though the scanned results are an accurate representation of the physical objects, they cannot be used efficiently in most CAD systems. SOLIDWORKS is one of these powerful CAD packages, but it misses some of the efficient instruments to manipulate and use imported 3D scan meshes efficiently. With Mesh2Surface add in you can do that.

JOIN us now!

Join this webinar to find out how to convert 3D scanned STL mesh data into CAD models directly in SOLIDWORKS with the Mesh2Surface add-in. Learn how to import, align, and reconstruct fully parametric models from scan data and all this in your familiar environment – SOLIDWORKS.
The webinar is free and lasts about one hour, including the Q&A session.


What is Mesh2Surface?

Mesh2Surface provides the core features and functions required to create CAD data from meshed scan data from right inside your existing CAD software. Mesh2Surface is available for SOLIDWORKS or Rhinoceros.

mesh2surface 3d software for reverse engineering

What is 3D Reverse engineering?

3D Reverse engineering is an entire process of digitising a physical object with a non-contact or contact scanner, capturing all the features of the object so it is represented in a computer. Unfortunately, the CAD packages do not understand such data. They need to be converted into what is called CAD or NURBS object. This process of converting a noisy data into perfect objects is called ‘3d reverse engineering’

Why do you Mesh2Surface?

Mesh2Surface was created because most CAD software is still not very good at handling 3D scans, but some users prefer to stay within their CAD environment.

We are highly selective in how we specify Mesh2Surface and only implement features that simplify, streamline and increase accuracy of the CAD creation process for the common use-cases. We want to keep useability high and your cost low.

  • Prepare models for manufacturing
  • Speed up your time for manufacturing
  • Reduce costs for design
  • Edit and repair CAD data for broken tools and molds
  • Increase design capabilities
  • Use existing assets to reverse engineer new parts
  • Design bespoke products
  • Export remodelled data for 3D printing
  • Transform physical parts into CAD for new designs
  • Create new parts to fit with existing parts
  • Simplify models for simulation

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